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Look within and you'll be surprised, Sagittarius. Fernand Allard L'Olivier 'Baigneuses Surprises' {{PD}}

Look within and you’ll be surprised, Sagittarius. Fernand Allard L’Olivier ‘Baigneuses Surprises’ {{PD}}

You’re moving toward discovering who you really are, dear Sagittarius–are you surprised at that? You may already feel connected to values and ideals, but those aren’t You–and without facing what you’re truly about you can’t connect effectively to your real Power in the world–and the current position also means you may promote as your own qualities that fit your image but not your abilities. No matter your age, it’s time to refurbish the Self-image, especially the mental one you carry; you have the capacity to visualize goals at this time, and so can steer efforts in the real world efficiently–but none of this matters without Self-knowledge. Dig deep, be married to the Truth, don’t avoid feeling bad or sad–that’s what created the disconnect in the first place–and embrace what’s new, original, and unique within yourself–that’s where your true talents lie. Make seeing yourself clearly, and honesty, your dual gods, and by your next birthday you’ll have built a brand-new, truer to your Soul, You. Happy Birthday, Sagittarius, and good luck!

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