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Clothes might help this lady balance things out. Lucas Cranach the Elder 1537 {{PD}}

Clothes might help this lady balance things out. Lucas Cranach the Elder 1537 {{PD}}

The exercise of Power within the world, both personal and at the societal level, is the focus of your year, dear Sagittarius, through to your next birthday. You may be very concerned with expressing your own Will, and also with how others wield their influence; the trick will be finding a balance between the two perceptual viewpoints, as the tendency may be to think only about implementing your own wants, on one end of the spectrum, and about critically assessing the choices others make, on the other–and neither is the place to be. What you want is to draw knowledge from the examples of power use at all levels, and then to put what you learn to work in pursuing what you want. A couple of hints: knowledge will pay off, as will a clear and unbiased picture of reality, and a practical stance trumps all other approaches. Happy Birthday, Sag, and good luck!

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