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Martin Johnson Heade -'Blue Morpho Butterfly' c1865 {{PD}}

Martin Johnson Heade -‘Blue Morpho Butterfly’ c1865 {{PD}}

Are you intent on your injuries, dear Sagittarius, and busy cooking up plans for revenge, or are you intent on developing and presenting your unique, Chirotic skills, this coming Solar year, through to your next birthday? If the former, you are on a bad road; nothing good can come of dwelling in the heart of the wound, no matter how justified your aggrievement. But if you choose the latter, Sag (and that’s pronounced ‘Sadge’, not ‘sag’!) you choose wisely, as right now you have the perfect window to exercise your Chiron gifts (to assuage the hurt of yourself and others–yes, after 2012, you are included in that ability–to ‘rescue’, to free, to educate, to ennoble, to enlighten) in your own very particular way. You can, if sufficiently experienced, even lift that Chiron expression to a transpersonal level, offering something to the Collective as a whole–but it all goes back to what you choose personally–so will it be anger and hurt, or will the year be spent preparing for the opening of the chrysalis? Either way, Happy Birthday, Sagittarius, and good luck!

Bonus info: the Sun (with Ceres)-Earth axis fills in for the coming 5 days or so a Mystic Rectangle with the Nodal axis, with Zeus conj the NN and Uranus loosely united with the South. This implies some fortuitous circumstances should you choose to dedicate your energy to forward movement that both fulfills ambitions and expresses your own uniqueness, choices that amplify the Soul’s own power and authority–so who wouldn’t?

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