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Thomas Cooper Gotch c1880 {{PD}}

Thomas Cooper Gotch c1880 {{PD}}

Symbolically speaking, development of the mind/ mentality or line of thought has reached a peak–and typically when this occurs, implementing conclusions formed is the next step. Do you see a clear correspondence to this in your own life, dear Sagittarius, or are current power situations clouding your vision? Whether you can see it or not, you have reached a pinnacle, and it’s now time to move forward, ready or not. The good news: ambition and desire fulfillment have the go-ahead, and could allow for really excellent expression of your originality; the bad news: emotional issues may cause more than their share of hurt and problems. Don’t let those get you down, though, as you’re in an achievement window that could really pay off, if you use it well. Happy Birthday, Sagittarius, and good luck!

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