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Raphael 'St George Fighting the Dragon' c1504 {{PD}}

Raphael ‘St George Fighting the Dragon’
c1504 {{PD}}

Opportunity beckons, it’s just around the corner, but the idea or form it will take isn’t yet clear, dear Sagittarius–and that may leave you totally frustrated. The only way to get to that point of expansion, plenty, and promise is to focus on what you care about and want in your life; in this case, what will serve you best now through your next birthday will be–brace yourself–facing everything you’ve become enraged about, have ignored, or have abandoned. I know! Not what you expected to hear–but it is the thing that will lead you in the straightest of lines to the most desirable outcome–so really is the most productive and fruitful approach to take. As well, what you choose to communicate, what you convey through your choices and enthusiasms, will have a huge impact on the serendipities you attract and the support you gather from the social sphere–that means that even when it feels darkest, you need to remain hopeful and keep a smile on it. Happy Birthday, Sag, and good luck!

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