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Earthquake, from Five Hundred Arhats by Kano Kazunobu, Scrolls 81 & 82 c1860 {{PD}}

Earthquake, from Five Hundred Arhats by Kano Kazunobu, Scrolls 81 & 82 c1860 {{PD}}

14 December is a day for shake-ups, and what occurs not only changes the basic lay of the land as an earthquake will (permanently, though it may seem more like temporary upheaval and shock in the moment), it also brings those things and situations we have been actively attracting into our reality picture—and all these changes tell us where and how we need to take action, as well as outlining the ways we might want to modify things, especially our surroundings or material arrangements. Are our modification ideas a good thing? Maybe not; even though things may go in a direction we don’t necessarily prefer, we need to consider that what appears, evolves, or results right now is really a statement of our interactive relationship with the Universe—so if it isn’t what you’d like/ hoped for/ dreamed of, you can be sure that re-arranging material matters won’t, in the long run, really matter—only changing what we’re putting out there will. We are disseminating through the psyche and our own ‘vibe’ who and what we truly are—those are the only things we control with any certainty, even as only Soul-deep changes will make for major, definitive changes to the life. (Uranus square Pluto-again! Venus sextile Neptune, Sun trine Jupiter, Earth sesquiquadrate Mars)

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