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You know it's time to do it, Sag. Johannes Vermeer 'Het meisje met de parel' (Girl with a Pearl Earring) c1665 {{PD}}

You know it’s time to do it, Sag. Johannes Vermeer ‘Het meisje met de parel’ (Girl with a Pearl Earring)
c1665 {{PD}}

Is fear ever justified? It is if it moves us to do what we need to do. You, dear Sagittarius, may currently be haunted by a sense that you must do something about the circumstances created by secrets, buried issues, and the decay of what was once vital–and that would be correct, you do need to do something. This Solar year, through to your next birthday, you are called to regenerate or eliminate a number of situations present in your life. You know you need to; you know it would be smart. To get you started: look to the matters of the natal Houses where Jupiter and Pluto are now transiting, as well as those of the Houses containing Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Pisces–these are the areas that need reconstituting before you hit the really big area of reform, You. Late in the year you’ll find that who you are and what you intend to do with the rest of your life will be the question that’s front and center (and that’s because you’ll have taken care of distractions and rid your life of detritus). You’re approaching a big point of reckoning; take this time now to outfit the psyche and surroundings so you can make the most of it. Happy Birthday, Sag, and good luck!

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