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The Whisper of the Muse, by Julia Margaret Cameron 1865 {{PD}}

The Whisper of the Muse, by Julia Margaret Cameron 1865 {{PD}}

Dear Sagittarius, let emotions and intuition be your guide this coming Solar year, through to your next birthday; they will flow from what you know to be both wise and practical–but this advice comes with a few caveats: your ability to connect with your instincts must be intact for this to work–if there’s too much mental interference, or too much of a civilized veneer blocking contact with your animal Self, then this won’t work; and following prompts from emotional perceptions will go well only if you are truly and fully aware of the material reality around you–so if you carry fantasies about the nature of your current role, job, assets, or relationships, that perceptual filter might interfere with the quality of the guidance you can receive. Other than that, you’ll be golden, and can look forward to growing reward that, late in the year, will come from or result in immense change. Happy Birthday, Sag, and good luck!

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