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Władysław Ślewiński - {{PD}} 1896

Władysław Ślewiński – {{PD}} 1896

Healing is what it’s all about this year for you, dear Capricorn–because, instinctively or otherwise, you know that healing yourself will bring about your empowerment, will confer a desirable status, and/ or allow for a cooperative venture that could take you to the top. How do you achieve this? Let go of any darkness you’ve been dragging around like Linus’ security blanket; any rage, destructive wish, or black feeling you’ve been harboring and seeing as a vital part of your identity must go. Healing is about finding out who you are without the trappings of response and victimhood we use as convenient identifiers; you are now called to accept your own power, and shape it into the person your Soul intends you to be–anything less just won’t do. Hint: start with what you care about, not what you tell yourself you care about. Admitting what’s important to you will take you far along the Path–and will give you an authenticity that can guide every other decision in shaping the ‘New You’. Happy Birthday, Cappy, and good luck!