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N. Roerich 'The Great Sacrifice' Setting for I.F.Stravinsky’s Ballet «Sacred Spring» 1910 {{PD}}

N. Roerich ‘The Great Sacrifice’ Setting for I.F.Stravinsky’s Ballet «Sacred Spring» 1910 {{PD}}

You are in a kind of preparation phase this coming year, through to your next birthday, after which you will dedicate your life energies to some cause very meaningful to you, dear Capricorn; it may be that you have already begun to narrow your focus and get really serious about some pursuit or goal. You may have begun to get push-back from those in your world who want you to stay the same, who are afraid you won’t play the same role for them when you re-claim all your energy for yourself. What you need to remember is, that’s your energy, for your use–don’t hesitate to fulfill what you’re working toward, for the simple reason that this aim has a sacred intent–and that means you’ll be contributing to the Collective good as much as you will to your own. Don’t listen to what others say–you can’t rely on that–but watch what they do; that’s how you sort out the ones who will offer you support, should you need it. Happy Birthday, Cappy, and good luck!