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Imagine the Warrior in the Clouds--Peter Nicolai Arbo {{PD}}

Imagine the Warrior in the Clouds–Peter Nicolai Arbo {{PD}}

Mars enters Pisces on the 12th and brings the Warrior mentality to the creative and the connection to the Cosmic—that can’t be good, can it? Yes, it really can. We find the energy to act on those things we’ve only imagined, and creative output can soar—if we know what form we’d like to see it in. We may also be prompted to act on delusions and lies, and can really go down the wrong Path right now, if we have accepted untruth as its opposite. Mars in Pisces may make those strong in Air and Fire uneasy, worried their energy or spark may be dampened by this placement. All they really need to do, though, is realize that the emotion-rich atmosphere of Pisces offers an enormous amount of inspiration—and of course, that is the very thing that underlies effective action. Fears of emotional flooding, of releasing dammed-up feelings, must be accepted; actions and choices now will naturally be prompted by and carried along on the feeling nature—there’s no way to avoid it. No one has ever actually drowned in emotion; but they have died from denying it, holding it in, and having it leak out in inappropriate ways. Just go with the flow, this time—there’s nothing to fear.

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