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Osias Beert 'Still-Life with Artichokes' 16th century {{PD}}

Osias Beert ‘Still-Life with Artichokes’ 16th century {{PD}}

You’re feeling optimistic, perhaps coming off a stretch of significant opportunity and accomplishment, and you’re standing on a firm foundation–the question becomes, dear Capricorn, what will you do this year, through to your next birthday? Coming from such a solid position, it would seem the world is your oyster. But then, how does the oyster form its pearl? Through irritation, that’s how–and that irritation comes from your upset at having to acknowledge that there are forces greater than your own Will out there–and that they can’t be resisted. After so much recent success of a kind, humility is the next step, and the events of this coming year will bring that lesson home. You can make it all go smoothly if you get out ahead of things, admit that you aren’t all seeing, all knowing, or all controlling, and accept that even the biggest triumphs have a built-in cooling off period, where luster fades and efforts must begin all over again. Your bonus Solar Return aspect is a Finger of God with base of Pluto-Chiron, apex Juno=change can hurt, or be accepted and allowed to offer healing, your choice; the end result either way is empowerment, and a change in status, it’s just whether you choose the hard way, or not. Happy Birthday, Cappy, and good luck!