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What you choose is up to you, Aquarius. 'Jason and Medea' by John William Waterhouse 1906 {{PD}}

What you choose is up to you, Aquarius. ‘Jason and Medea’ by John William Waterhouse 1906 {{PD}}

You have successfully thrown off past constraints, dear Aquarius, and now the question may be, will you use this new, freed-up energy to finally tackle what you’ve previously put aside, will you deal with some particular rage you carry, or will you use this energy to create, in some spectacular and significant way? Any of these would be a fine way to employ this abundance, though it’s time for you to follow your fancy; whatever draws you emotionally would be the best use of this surplus. Some hints as to what may come from any particular direction: taking care of matters delayed or denied will empower you; dealing with your anger will free up spiritual energies; and creating will bring other, neglected or forgotten issues to light, ‘cleaning out the closets’ even further. Happy Birthday, Aquarius, and good luck!