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By the 31st we'll begin to see whether we've hit our mark or not. 'The Fair Toxophiles' William Powell Frith 1871 {{PD}}

By the 31st we’ll begin to see whether we’ve hit our mark or not. ‘The Fair Toxophiles’ William Powell Frith 1871 {{PD}}

I wanted to mention a little something that likely won’t get a lot of attention otherwise: a Fire Grand Trine consisting of Pallas, Juno, and Uranus. It’s been around for about a week now; we can look back and probably see something of its influence. Action seeking empowerment has been fueled by an array of impulses, including spontaneity, rebelliousness, a desire to modernize, the impulse to cooperate with the group, and those unique qualities and viewpoints that inform our individuality. Pallas is a smart and practical indicator, suggesting what we choose will be in our own best interests, no matter how erratic or disruptive it appears from without; Juno, too, will be attuned to what empowers us as individuals, not what supports those already in authority, and with each of us defining empowerment as many different ways as there are snowflakes, we can be sure that even those choices that look decidedly disempowering from the outside made sense to the person making them.

This continues through the 31st, when Earth takes the place of Juno; when that occurs, we begin to see material effects of the choices we’ve made and the actions taken. Our surroundings will reflect our actions in a very particular way: we’ll see just how empowering our choices have been, or how they’ve missed the mark. Earth leaves the Trine by the 6th of February.