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Your year may feel a little like this, Aquarius. ‘Cosmic Composition’ Paul Klee 1919 {{PD}}

The Sun and retrograde Mercury meet in the Inferior Conjunction today, but what does that mean for the birthday/ Solar Return individual? It means this coming year, through to your next birthday, holds the seeds for change and/ or a new start–and this is something that will occur based on what is done during the year. Obvious, right? The thing is, you by your mere existence will be seeding some event; your choices will play in, but what gets ‘planted’ during this period is not necessarily clear to you. It’s like the Cosmos creates a seed that is nurtured by all the forces at play in your life, both conscious and unconscious–so what will come from it is a mystery wrapped inside a riddle–even solving the riddle won’t reveal the mystery, until it’s the right time for it to be seen.

That said, you, dear Aquarius, have some excellent, balanced resources available to you: wisdom, practicality, unique experiences from the past, and a particular role or position that affords you a level of empowerment and abundance (or social clout) that gives you a potent platform from which to make the best possible circumstances to receive the Cosmic ‘seed’.