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'Gathering Gems of Beauty' (畫麗珠萃秀)Princess Shouyang (壽陽公主). Qing dynasty {{PD}}

‘Gathering Gems of Beauty’ (畫麗珠萃秀)Princess Shouyang (壽陽公主). Qing dynasty {{PD}}

Void begins at 10:17 PM of the 6th; the Moon enters Libra at 10:44 AM PST of the 7th. 3 PM PST the Moon trines retro Mercury. Emotions propel words, but we end up endlessly re-thinking what we’ve said; try to slow down the pipeline between feeling and speaking. 5 PM PST the Moon sextiles Saturn. Emotional perceptions guide us in dealing successfully with the reality picture. 9 PM PST the Moon trines Vesta. We can express our highest values (and deepest feelings) in partnership at this time; it’s easy to see how we, and everyone else, really feels. 11 PM PST the Moon sextiles Juno and the two form a base to a Finger of God with apex Neptune. An empowering command of our emotions (knowing what we feel and why) can act as a foundation for realizing the dream.

The image for the 7th is a big diamond with a very tiny flaw. Is the diamond spoiled because it’s not perfect? Most people would still find it beautiful. What in your life has only tiny flaws that you may be fixated on, which prevents you from enjoying your ‘diamond’s’ true beauty?

8 February: why is it that, though we are optimistic about our ambitions and desires, and all signs are ‘Go!’ we still find that personal relationships are a minefield, fraught with little bombs hidden in the weaknesses of our ‘blind spot’? Concentrate on making ambitions happen, and leave relationships for a day when interactions are less driven by the darker side of instincts and injuries. (Perfecting today: Jupiter sextile Zeus, Venus conjunct Chiron and contra-parallel Sedna)

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