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Take that first step, Aquarius. Cecilia Beaux,  'Dorothea and Francesca' 1898 {{PD}}

Take that first step, Aquarius. Cecilia Beaux, ‘Dorothea and Francesca’ 1898 {{PD}}

You’ll enjoy an unusual degree of internal emotional harmony, dear Aquarius, this coming year, through to your next birthday–but what actions to take and choices to make will also be on your mind, chiefly because, as anyone would, you are trying to determine just where yours might lead. As long as you stay headed toward your dreams, your goals firmly in mind, and as long as you trust yourself above anyone or anything else, you’ll do well–let either of these conditions slip, and the outcome is not so predictable. Take preliminary steps to bring ideals into real-life being and to made those dreams reality, but don’t expect things to materialize overnight–right now you’re at a point when the biggest obstacle you have may be believing that you can do it–that’s why taking a small step or two is so important, and so necessary. Happy Birthday, Aquarius, and good luck!