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Rainbow over the 'Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone' Thomas Moran {{PD}}

Rainbow over the ‘Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone’ Thomas Moran {{PD}}

You may spend the entire year, through to your next birthday, dear Aquarius, like you’re just waking up in the driver’s seat, with the emergency brake on and your foot on the gas pedal, engine roaring yet not going forward. Really, it won’t be that bad, but it could feel as if all the energy and go-power in the world is trapped behind a mind that may feel stuck in a rut, with ideas formulated but somehow not offering clear direction, and real trouble integrating new information into what you already know. First, this is temporary, so no need to panic. Second, your job is to turn in the direction of your current strengths and make the most of them, until the mentality is back to form. That means empowerment and effectiveness should be sought by using the intuitive, the artistic inclinations, the feeling senses, the rainbow of relationships, and the assets at hand to create resources and circumstances that are positive and not so dependent on the mentality, as is likely usual for you. This year, Aquarius, you grow a whole new set of abilities. Happy Birthday, and good luck!