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Just wingin' it. "Lunch break, 1907" by Fritz von Uhde - {{PD}}

Just wingin’ it. “Lunch break, 1907” by Fritz von Uhde – {{PD}}

Dear Aquarius, this coming Solar year, through to your next birthday, it may feel as if you’re wingin’ it, out on a psychic limb, improvising without a net–the only thing you may know for sure is that you must decide, you must take action. For most people, that would be a troubling mandate, as a thinking individual (which you undoubtedly are) would want a plan first–but somehow, this time, that’s denied to you. You must trust in your own ability to know, and to acquire the knowledge that you need, to follow your intuition, and to trust that spark of life that animates and inspires you, a ‘divine urge’, if you will, that can materialize a dream or create from whole cloth, and that can be both engine and guide at this time. Clues to a successful year: be aware of who holds power and what the relationships between power entities really are–this can help you stake out your own power position, forgive hurts and free up your energy for your own use, and listen to the emotions–feelings will convey wisdom. Happy Birthday, Aquarius, and good luck!