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 Man Sweeping the Interpreter's Parlour by William Blake Before 1827 {{PD}}

Man Sweeping the Interpreter’s Parlour by William Blake Before 1827 {{PD}}

This coming Solar year, through to your next birthday, you’ll enjoy an unusually acute intuition, dear Pisces, and you’ll need it, as you’ll also be dealing with every ignored, denied, or abandoned thing, come back in material form or through the environment itself. I’m afraid it’s like this: you had the chance to deal with, face, or otherwise settle a number of issues, but chose to sweep them under the symbolic rug–and now they are back. Many will take different forms than they first appeared in, so you may not immediately recognize them; you can be fairly sure, though, that if you scratch the surface you’ll find a familiar dilemma beneath. In many cases, this will be a good thing; you are much better equipped now to handle these matters successfully than you were at the time they originated, and you may see that it was the wisdom of your Higher Self acting in your best interests that delayed what must be done until now. You should feel good about that, because delaying was a smart thing to do; know that it’s important during the coming year that you take care of things, once and for all, as the way you handle things will in many ways determine your life direction, especially involving partnerships, for some time to come. Happy Birthday, Pisces, and good luck!