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William Blake, 'A Critical Essay' 1868 {{PD}}

William Blake, ‘A Critical Essay’ 1868 {{PD}}

If you can just make some minor adjustments, a few tweaks here and there, it feels like you’re going to hit it big, doesn’t it, dear Pisces? Your optimism this coming Solar year, through to your next birthday, is matched only by your sense that it’s all in your hands–but that’s only true to some extent. We’ve got to acknowledge that there are larger forces at work in the Universe that we may be powerless against; keep that in mind so that you don’t blame yourself if everything doesn’t happen just as you want. You’ll be inspecting things with an emotionally critical eye, and you may be tempted to accept more responsibility for things than is reasonable. That same sensitive and critically-oriented viewpoint can be very useful if you are able to apply the fixes you see as necessary through action in the physical world; that means just noticing what’s wrong isn’t enough, you’ve got to do something about it to make the insight matter. Too, you are slated for some surprising twists and turns in financial areas or in relationship matters; you can’t anticipate them, but you can be ready by being very clear on what you really care about, and what you’re willing to put your efforts behind. Happy Birthday, Pisces, and good luck!