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'Azaleas and Apple Blossoms' by Charles Caryl Coleman 1878 {{PD}}

‘Azaleas and Apple Blossoms’ by Charles Caryl Coleman 1878 {{PD}}

Dear Pisces, this year you may enjoy extraordinary emotional harmony that leads you to confrontations in the home, with the mate, and/ or over causes you support–but why? The tension comes from an internal balance, confidence, and satisfaction that has recently eluded you; now that you have it, you may look around and see that the circumstances you have chosen (or allowed to develop) don’t support this new, healthier you. Changes to values, relationships, the living situation, and the earning one, may be on the agenda. This coming Solar year, through to your next birthday, you get to pursue your individual expression with a one-pointed energy that may appear from the outside as selfish but is actually something you need to do to clarify a unique role you are creating for yourself. Your individuality is blossoming, Pisces–go with it. Happy Birthday, and good luck!