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You have a lively year ahead, Pisces--be sure you get plenty of rest. 'Sleeping Girl with a Cat' (1880) Pierre-Auguste Renoir {{PD}}

You have a lively year ahead, Pisces–be sure you get plenty of rest. ‘Sleeping Girl with a Cat’ (1880)
Pierre-Auguste Renoir {{PD}}

I’ve got to hand it to you, Pisces: you are trying to live your highest values like never before. You’ve made a vow to make your life both rich with experience and aligned with all that truly matters to you–and this coming year, through to your next birthday, you’ll see the results of your efforts. Areas where you’ve excelled at translating what you honor into your surroundings, your character, and all that you do will be obvious; what will also show are areas that still need work–special notice goes to those things in your ‘blind spot’–you can learn about these by others’ reactions to you–and you may also find that you must re-assess some things you thought you’d already settled, specifically things related to expression of your personal power, what ‘territory’ really belongs to you, boundaries, especially those between yourself and your offspring (and that includes creative offspring), and in the need to negotiate, which may be something you thought you’d never need to do again. Watch temper and impulsiveness this year; also, take advantage of the emotional ‘reach’ you’ll have–your ability to learn, empathize, and expand your viewpoint through feeling has never been greater. Happy Birthday, dear Pisces, and good luck!