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'Skogsinteriør med bøk' (1895) by Jahn Ekenæs - {{PD}}

‘Skogsinteriør med bøk’ (1895) by Jahn Ekenæs – {{PD}}

As long as you stick to your highest values and priorities (the real ones) and completely claim (and take responsibility for) your own power and its expression, you can both empower yourself and shape your reality to an unprecedented degree, dear Aries. A willingness to take action is the key, as it will actually be the act of being in motion that will show you what’s smart and practical, and that will widen your horizons and open up the thicket of your belief matrix so that new knowledge, and with it new opportunities, can finally get through. Others may have told you that you’ve been a wee bit difficult to deal with lately, and it’s true, with the reason being that your native Arian defenses have been hardened into place in an attempt to preserve a sense of the Self that is outdated and holding you back; this coming year, if you stay in motion and choose consistently to act rather than pause, new beliefs will penetrate the old, loosen their hold, and allow for more rapid growth than ever before. Happy Birthday, Aries, and good luck!

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