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"Coin d'atelier" by Claude Monet {{PD}}

“Coin d’atelier” by Claude Monet {{PD}}

You’re at a pinnacle of material achievement, dear Aries, exactly commensurate with your Self-discipline and your efforts; and you’re ready for more, but not sure what to do–part of you ‘knows’ deep inside what the next step should be, but you’re hesitating, and here’s why: you are making an unrealistic demand on the Universe, that your success be guaranteed before you’ll make the effort. Sorry, my dear Ram, but that’s not the way it works. It seems you are rightly proud of your accomplishments, and this has distorted your view: after working so hard to get what you want, you only want to work hard in the future if you know you’ll get what you aim for. Unfortunately the world requires us to risk, to work hard, and to sometimes lose–but, if you will concentrate on two things: change that serves ambitions, and the making of beautiful things (a creative endeavor that may take any form–and remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder) then you will see the next level open up to you. It might not be precisely what you hoped for, but in one way or another, it will be a dream fulfilled. Happy Birthday, Aries, and good luck!