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Edgar Degas - 'Les Courses' 1904 {{PD}}

Edgar Degas – ‘Les Courses’ 1904 {{PD}}

Opportunity for you this coming Solar year, dear Aries, through to your next birthday, depends almost entirely on you taking action–and events are aided if you’re well-informed, cognizant of the social sphere, and ready to deal with bigger (and hopefully better) conditions, challenges, and arenas. Problems arise from a stressed or confused sense of your own inner wisdom, and from a lack of personal authority and/ or difficulties with authority figures, and taking a too-analytical approach to things may just add to the tension. However, you will see more than your share of really positive avenues that are yours for the taking, and, if you’ll only stay in motion, positive chance and the luck of the industrious will figure in significantly to your progress forward. Happy Birthday, Aries, and good luck!

Birthday Bonus Aspect: Fire Grand Trine involving Mercury, Juno, and Saturn=a quick mind/ wit, steady and clear perceptual faculties, and a sense of empowerment that reads as confidence and competence will highlight your year, Aries, and be instrumental in not only bringing you those promised opportunities, but in helping you make the most of them.