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'Passion Flowers with Three Hummingbirds' by Martin Johnson Heade, c1875 {{PD}}

‘Passion Flowers with Three Hummingbirds’ by Martin Johnson Heade, c1875 {{PD}}

You may be entering new emotional terrain this coming Solar year, dear Aries, and the impulse may be to clear-cut like you’re claiming part of the Amazon to farm–nothing may survive your impulse to get rid of anything that isn’t shiny pretty new. That can be really hard on relationships, unless you allow at least some room for instincts to operate–they’ll save you from the worst slash-and-burn, and give you at least some warning when your interactions or your finances won’t stand up to your extreme techniques. Are you wondering where I’m getting all this? You may be saying to yourself, This is nothing like me! Well, that’s the point: it’s a new you, Aries, and at least for a little while, you might not even recognize yourself. Hints for success: you may be strongly motivated to pursue ambitions and desires at this time, but need to keep an eye on both what’s ‘in’ right now and what the group thinks of your passion; remember that empowerment rests in real-world matters of control, access, and influence–aim to get a least a little of this for yourself. Happy Birthday, Aries, and good luck!