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"Albrecht Dürer - 'The Large Turf' {{PD}}

“Albrecht Dürer – ‘The Large Turf’ {{PD}}

Something planted during Merc’s last retro period comes to light or fruition today, dear Aries–what will you gain? A further sense of independence, a position of leadership, confidence, the Will and energy to assert yourself–plus the ability to communicate throughout this coming Solar year, through to your next birthday, loud and clear–now the question is, What will you do with those abilities? You may feel more than a little distracted by an almost overwhelming itch to go directly for ambitions and goals–but these are changing even as you read this, and to pour your energy into those aims would be to waste it–as soon as you arrived, you would realize that what you want has changed irretrievably, and so you would need to begin again. No, it’s much smarter for you at this time to concentrate on healing wounds, exploring your mind, and really getting to know who you are–your new wants will grow naturally from the discoveries you are bound to make–and of course, a healed individual has a completely different wish list from a wounded one. Happy Birthday, Aries, and good luck!