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'Young Women Going to a Procession' by Jules Breton c1890 {{PD}}

‘Young Women Going to a Procession’ by Jules Breton c1890 {{PD}}

It may feel, just a little, as if the parade has passed you by, dear Taurus, but it’s really only a brief respite you’re in right now–soon you’ll be at it, or at least thinking about it–but going forward all depends on you 1) facing those things you have been ignoring or denying, and then 2) handling them in such a way that what could’ve been a weakness becomes either a source of understanding or a source of information–and so becomes a strength. Ambitions and desires may become the determining factor in whether you will go off on your own unique Path or become a part of the group and help their cause. Two very strong assets you have working for you: high standards and values, and talent (the definition of which this year includes persuasive abilities and mental acuity). If you can deploy both talents and values at the same time, you can make phenomenal progress–the key is not to let them clash. Happy Birthday, Taurus, and good luck!

Solar Return bonus aspect: An Earth Grand Trine with Mars, Pluto, and Black Moon Lilith=facing rage or matters ignored or denied brings forward energy to accomplish, clear purpose, and power, including the power to change your world.