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'Le Bec de Gaz - Nuit bleue'  Henri Le Sidaner 1906 {{PD}}

‘Le Bec de Gaz – Nuit bleue’ Henri Le Sidaner 1906 {{PD}}

The struggle this year is over empowerment, over having effective reach and influence in your life, over being allowed to shine, over status and position, but dear Taurus, does it have to be a struggle? It does, at least initially–you likely start off the year that stretches through to your next birthday feeling that others actively hold you back. You’ll come to see very quickly, though, that what you’re experiencing is really your own aggressive stance bouncing back at you–and the minute you stop seeing yourself as a victim is the minute when your creative, imaginative, and inspired gifts surface and begin to light up your world. The reality is that you become empowered, gain status, and are able to shine when you point your energy in the right direction (that is, not at anyone else!) and when you focus it on sharing that kind of magical thing you do just by being yourself. Happy Birthday, Taurus, and good luck!