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They look normal to me. Paul Cézanne, 'The Large Bathers' 1906 {{PD}}

They look normal to me. Paul Cézanne, ‘The Large Bathers’ 1906 {{PD}}

‘Expansion’ is your watchword this coming Solar year, through to your next birthday, dear Taurus, but what does that mean for you? You’re going to gain in matters of the House where Jupiter (13 Leo) is now transiting–and you’ll see some significant endings related to matters of the House where this Full Moon falls (13 Scorpio), endings that may open the way to bigger and probably better, arriving through Jupiter’s current venue. But as with all good things, too much really can be an issue–and add to that, Jupiter shows no discretion in what it makes bigger–should it fall in your natal 1st of body, say, it may expand the exposure of the personality to the public (publicity!) but also your butt–the moral being, be sure to look at both sides of the coin, all possibilities, because contrary to our usual mindset, we don’t always want more. Another negative this year: resources for wisdom, and your own sense of practicality, are strained to the limit (in this case, it’s Jupiter’s fault); but this year you also have big positives in showing a unique ability to solve long-ignored problems, to act appropriately when responding to instinct, and a talent for getting ahead while others seem mysteriously stuck in place. Happy Birthday, Taurus, and good luck!