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It's in the air, Taurus. Isaac Israëls - 'Windvlaag' 1894 {{PD}}

It’s in the air, Taurus. Isaac Israëls – ‘Windvlaag’ 1894 {{PD}}

Change is in the air–you mean it this time, dear Taurus–but there’s something you need to handle first, before you’ll be able to shape your material situation (and the power situation behind it) as you’d like: you must deal with every ignored, denied, or hidden issue that lingers in your life–and it may be the details of these issues, the small bits and inconsequentials, that trip you up. What to do? Do not hesitate to measure each and every thing in your life, every corner and portion, against your highest values, and your life priorities, including your need, in whatever form, for a mate and home–if these fall short for you, this coming Solar year, through to your next birthday, will be glum indeed; and do know that to truly be yourself you must pursue your ambitions and desires, and vice versa, that to successfully fulfill desires and ambitions you must be completely and uniquely yourself. That’s all there is to it–that, and be willing to accept new facts as they come along–let them change your idea of what’s smart, if it’s appropriate. Happy Birthday, Taurus, and good luck!