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'The Rage of Achilles' by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo 1756 {{PD}}

You don’t have to go this far, Taurus, but do make your feelings known. ‘The Rage of Achilles’ by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo 1756 {{PD}}

You may soon feel an emotional crisis coming on, dear Taurus, when inner wisdom, what you thought was solid knowledge, and/ or what you see as your practical attitude fail you spectacularly. Rather than viewing this as a defeat, accept it as a course-correction–you were way off!–and now have the chance to get it better than right. In the Solar year ahead, through to your next birthday, you have the capacity and power to bring about great change in your life, the kind that brings fulfillment of ambitions and desires, but to bring it all to successful completion requires a few things: you must not only tend to what you’ve been ignoring or in denial about, you must express rage (yes, I said express rage!) should that be something you’re holding on to; you must find a way to blend into or at least make peace with the social circle; and you must treat both relationships and finances as if they need your attention right now–because they do. Happy Birthday, Taurus, and good luck!