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John William Waterhouse - Pandora, 1896 {{PD}}

John William Waterhouse – Pandora, 1896 {{PD}}

You have two core obligations (for want of a better term) to fulfill this coming Solar year, through to your next birthday, dear Taurus: you must learn to totally, completely trust and honor your instincts, and you must discover the contents of your ‘blind spot’ (things you can’t see but that all those around you can), excavate it, and so make yourself as Self-aware as humanly possible. Notice I said, “humanly possible”–no one is expecting you to be perfect, but this is the year when you can develop your sense of Self, your identity, and put into action your Soul’s intent, so that you become centered and secure in your sense of who you are. That’s a tall order, but one we all come here to fill–and right now the Universe is out to help you do that. Strengths include the ability, after a little adjustment, to embrace more of your own natural power and personal authority than you ever have before, and this will have the bonus effect of drawing in Love and/ or Money. You’ll also be able to effectively relate that sense of empowerment and what you have to offer to the masses–or just to your social circle, whatever’s appropriate for you. Happy Birthday, Taurus, and good luck!