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Don't despair, Gemini--this year, you can make it happen! 'Fillette à l'orange' Louise Catherine Breslau c1900 {{PD}}

Don’t despair, Gemini–this year, you can make it happen! ‘Fillette à l’orange’ Louise Catherine Breslau c1900 {{PD}}

You are ready and eager to meet reality head-on this coming Solar year, through to your next birthday, aren’t you, dear Gemini? Just be careful that you are actually dealing with ‘What Is’, rather than running full steam into a brick wall; your enthusiasm is matched only by an attitude that almost frantically wants to insure real-world progress–but that may not slow down enough to successfully get ‘There’ from ‘Here’. Too, you’ll have a secondary engine pushing you to pour all your emotions into Love or Money, or to pour all your Money or Love into what your emotion tells you to, and together these impulses can make for some chaotic times. Hints for survival: don’t put what you desire ahead of mastering the mechanism or role that will take you there; be willing to divest yourself of anything that isn’t needed or of use anymore–unfortunately, this year that will include relationships; and you can make magic happen if you can find a way to serve others through the public role/ career in a form that is original to you. So that’s not hard, right? Happy Birthday, Gemini, and good luck!

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