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'Henne mit Küken' Anonymous 19th century {{PD}}

‘Henne mit Küken’ Anonymous 19th century {{PD}}

Hello Gemini! Do you feel brand new, like a chick just hatched out of the egg? If you don’t, it may be because your reality picture for the past year has been, well, let’s call it stringent. You’re moving beyond that, now, and it may also feel like the ambition picture is so last year–and both are correct, though not exactly in the way you may think. Concerning the reality picture and the sense of oppression and limitation it may have conveyed, you need to focus more on what’s been built, what’s been accomplished–and trash the idea that these are burdens you’re carrying rather than goals that have been met, freeing you to create new ones; concerning the ambitions and desires, you may feel that there’s no way you can get the cooperation you need, or the aesthetic support you desire, to fulfill aims–but that may only be because you’ve failed to take into account that relationships are the backbone to cooperation–and you may have considered only your own wants, along the way. Resolve to be less aggressive, less defensive, and yet more supportive of your own need to shine and to be respected, and you just might reap the Love and/ or Money that is scheduled to arrive this Solar year, at some point before your next birthday. Happy Day, Gemmy, and good luck!