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Cornelis de Man,  'A Man Weighing Gold ' c1670 {{PD}}

You’ll have an almost Libran attention to balance, especially of the mental faculties, this coming Solar year, Gemini. Cornelis de Man, ‘A Man Weighing Gold ‘ c1670 {{PD}}

This coming Solar year, dear Gemini, you’ll have the chance to achieve a perfect balance among factors of identity, purpose, emotions, strength, and sense of personal authority, and this is first instigated by sorting everything out mentally. From intellectual understanding you can create with your life a holistic statement of who you are and what you’re about, and though this process occurs over approximately the next three years, you’ll early find that there’s another necessary step to attend to: knowing what you care about, specifically in relationships and money matters. Establishing values in these areas will have a kind of miraculous effect: you’ll find that the kinds of things that used to hurt you will no longer affect you. You won’t be bulletproof, exactly; it’ll be more like you drift above those previous concerns that will come to feel more petty than anything else. Elevating your consciousness will open the way to a widening of your horizons and give you a resourcefulness and optimism surrounding pursuit of goals that will be truly empowering. Happy Birthday, Gemini, and good luck!