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Dessert No. 4 by Carducius Plantagenet Ream, c1870 {{PD}}

This coming year is no piece of cake, but offers immense opportunity for creativity and reward, Gemini. Dessert No. 4 by Carducius Plantagenet Ream, c1870 {{PD}}

You are at a creative and inspirational peak, dear Gemini–so where do you go from here? You still have a lot of creative juice, so there’s plenty more mileage to get out of this, with the highlight being that if you haven’t already, you’re going to gain a great deal from what have been (and will continue to be) some pretty smart decisions. Profit, reward, Love–they’ll come to you, but to believe this gain will be a piece of cake just because you’re a creative dynamo would be naive–you’ve probably already discovered, you have to work for it, and what comes at you won’t necessarily be easy to handle–and with emotions running deep and possibly feeling easily hurt, you may have to make a concerted effort to stay on target. Self-discipline pays off, and so does belief in yourself. Happy Birthday, Gemini, and good luck!