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You might burst a seam, if you're not careful. 'A Seated Woman Sewing a Seam' by Utagawa Kuniyoshi c1797 {{PD}}

You might burst a seam, if you’re not careful. ‘A Seated Woman Sewing a Seam’ by Utagawa Kuniyoshi c1797 {{PD}}

10 June if you’ve been straining at the seams to whisper those sweet nothings to that special someone, or just to have your say in relationship, now’s the time—Merc’s stationary retrograde and will sit roughly at this point even after direction—and holding in this much tension over the course of three or four days could cause unpleasant bursting—or maybe just a few random and passionate exclamations to no one in particular. We’re in an excellent position to show who we are, to emphasize our uniqueness and originality in a way that’s totally accepted—so don’t fear making the connection, go for it! At the very least you’ll probably make a new friend, or, if the energy is aimed at some other Venusian interest like earning or diplomacy or aesthetics, you can expect to have some (probably surprising) success. (Mercury sextile Venus, Sun sextile/ Earth trine Uranus)

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