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Thomas Le Clear - 'Interior with Portraits' c1865 {{PD}}

Thomas Le Clear – ‘Interior with Portraits’ c1865 {{PD}}

The challenge to you this Solar year, through to your next birthday, dear Gemini, is to formulate original ideas, especially those that can put you in a leadership or pioneering position, and then to act on them. That sounds simple enough, but may leave you wondering just how to know if what you are moved to do is truly original; here are a few things that may help: perhaps ‘unique’, or ‘born out of a Higher Mind impulse’ are better descriptors of what can and should move you this year–both allow for you to take something that may have been done before and to do it in a very individual way, one that reflects who you are; emotions and intuition will be in conflict with these impulses, and either won’t be available as reliable guides, or will pull you in an entirely different direction, so that little forward progress is made, and awareness of this is important; find an individual or group that can fill that intuitive advice role, even if that’s the ‘180 degree’ rule, where whatever they say, you do the opposite! and know that wisdom can be drawn from past hurt and the imaginings of future ones, from a willingness to face problems right away, and from being willing to think before you do, and then to do–that combo, thinking and doing, are your strong suit this year, no question. Happy Birthday, Gemini, and good luck!