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It may feel like we're in the midst of snapping alligators, but that's an exaggeration, isn't it? Postcard 1906 {{PD}}

It may feel like we’re in the midst of snapping alligators, but that’s an exaggeration, isn’t it? Postcard 1906 {{PD}}

We see exactly what’s important to us, what we care about, and how to honor it, and yet, what’s up with all these people?–some of whom we love–where relationships are suddenly full of ego and everyone’s concerned with either upping their power quotient or blocking ours. It seems we’ve all been carrying hidden agendas, and now we’re not only showing them to others we’re actively competing for what we want. This doesn’t have to get ugly–all it takes is a consciousness that accepts there’s plenty for everyone–but we may need to take a step back in interactions and allow ourselves some space. Communications will carry our true thoughts, fears, and aims–so don’t connect unless you feel safe being honest–and don’t allow material matters (which are better off left as they are or manipulated to prevent loss), or the details of what’s shared, to distract us from acting and responding as our best Selves. We have a chance at major empowerment and connecting successfully with our own potentials–if we can accept the extent of our own influence and reach–denial leaves us less potent than we began. (Perfecting today: Pluto trine Juno, Black Moon Lilith sextile Mars and sesquiquadrate Earth, Venus square Saturn and sesquiquadrate Vesta, Mercury square Sedna, Vesta trine Sun/ sextile Earth)