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'Grimaces et misères: les Saltimbanques'  1888 signed b.r.: F Pelez {{PD}}

Today may feel like a bit of a circus, until we realize the power lies with us. ‘Grimaces et misères: les Saltimbanques’
1888 signed b.r.: F Pelez {{PD}}

Today we question everything; it’s all about the relative power positions, and though we’re thinking big, expansive thoughts, we’re also prone to exaggerate others’ abilities and reach, and so may find ourselves intimidated, even though we are poised to do and be just as we’d like. We’re thrown off by the aura of authority some adopt, and too, the need to negotiate may make us feel unsure of what we have and what we actually want. That’s okay–relax and think critically, calling on your power of discernment. Displays of temper and brute force are to be avoided; you’ll only get a horrendous reputation insisting on getting things your way. You’ll know what to do the minute you accept that you are a powerful Being in charge of your own life (but not in charge of anyone else’s), and stop looking to others or the environment to smooth the way or give you permission. (Ceres sesq Juno, qnx Jupiter, opp Mars, qnx Mercury; Merc conj Jupiter, enters Virgo, and parallels Jupiter)