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Claude Monet - 'Twilight, Venice' 1907 {{PD}}

Claude Monet – ‘Twilight, Venice’ 1907 {{PD}}

Yes yes yes yes, Jupiter enters Virgo today, but what we’re really dealing with is Ceres, which trines Black Moon Lilith and is sextiled by Saturn. Nature and/ or authorities intrude on the reality picture, and we must deal with what we’d rather ignore. That’s certainly true for me. Late yesterday I had an emergency visit with an ophthalmologist about a potential retinal tear; luckily everything is fine, and I just have to keep an eye on it (how ironic!) for the next three weeks. By tomorrow, the 12th, we see those things we can’t control traded out for whatever it is that’s destroying our chances at empowerment, curtailing our ambitions, probably lying to us, spoiling rewards and, I know this is dramatic, destroying what we find sacred. That’ll certainly take my mind off my eyeball! Over these two days, the good news is that if we’ve learned from our past choices and actions, we can handle it, potentially sorting truth from fiction and re-claiming our power. The 13th may be challenging–we’re still not getting everything we want–but if we’re willing to modify both the way we deal with the material side of things and be reasonably flexible in our standards, we can attract some unique, original, and spontaneously generated opportunities, some of which may offer the chance to heal a wound or two, and some of which we may be surprised to find have been sitting right in front of us all along. Have a great couple of days! Our tendency may be to take things too seriously, and to see developments as more monumental than they actually are–try to focus on the lighter side, on small pleasures, and you’ll enjoy the next few days a lot more.