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Kuroda Seiki  Title 読書 (Woman Reading) circa 1890 {{PD}}

Kuroda Seiki
Title 読書 (Woman Reading)
circa 1890 {{PD}}

Truth be told, I shouldn’t even be here now, I should be at work on the final edit for the Vesta book, which is going swimmingly, despite being my own editor–a grueling job that requires I re-check every statement I made about a chart, so using the same old eyes, I could still get something wrong, right?–but I thought I should at least pop in for a few words on the weekend. Friday the 4th we may find ourselves subject to a mysterious pull, a kind of gravity that turns us toward the future and fills us with equal parts dread, excitement, and surprise at the things we discover–but those surprises will probably go well, as our thinking is aligned with our highest values and goals, and so takes us without strenuous effort in the direction we want to go. Assistance from the group and true originality may also be on the agenda.

Saturday the 5th we see an opportunity to achieve balance among our own empowerment urges, Nature and authorities, and those things we may not currently be aware of, but that will surface in the process. It’s all about Power, and thoughts are likely on goals and desires, aided by instincts, and that’s all good; however, when it comes to others, believe what they do, not what they say. Stick with that and you won’t be the victim of anyone else’s power-play.

Sunday the 6th we may see a lot of discord: instincts and forgotten or hidden matters bedevil us, and to follow prompts means we must abandon values and ideals–and no one wants to do that. Ambitions can be realized through material means, but higher mind concepts must be left for another day–the atmosphere is too competitive to allow us to advance without losing our way.

Venus goes direct 1:30 AM of the 6th, just before backing herself into apex to a Finger of God with base of Pluto-Earth–and that’s a good thing, probably, because it prevents us from going too far with those retro Venus experiments and changes–they would’ve gone destructive, if we’d continued in the direction we’ve taken–this way we back off and re-group before making any vital decisions. The first aspect our Lady of Love makes when direct is a trine to Pallas. This says what occurs to us upon direction is probably wise, born of accumulated Venusian experience. We’re back from the brink, with nowhere to go but forward!

Monday the 7th we may be skittish, worried about being wounded if we assert ourselves, and plagued by cliched thoughts and old mental tropes we thought we’d freed ourselves of long ago. Things really aren’t as bleak as they seem; we’re simply re-aligning our discernment and perceptual faculties with the now-direct Venus environment. Once we get our bearings, things go well. Hint: use a material means, an exercise or ritual or project, to help you re-orient to your usual way of seeing and assessing.

And have a great week! My Vesta book will be available at some point in this four-day period, likely Monday, though subscribers who are expecting the book will be the first to receive it, before it’s available for sale.