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Johann Heinrich Füssli - Sketch for 'The Three Conspirators Swear an Oath on the Rüthli Meadow' 1779 {{PD}}

Johann Heinrich Füssli – Sketch for ‘The Three Conspirators Swear an Oath on the Rüthli Meadow’ 1779 {{PD}}

Mercury and Pallas are players during this period, though certainly Vesta, Neptune, and Jupiter have something to say, as well. The prominence of these entities suggests we’ll expend a lot of energy trying to discover if our thoughts and ideas are wise ones–and our values, our imaginations, and our social sphere all play a part. Today, Friday the 16th, the emphasis is on sorting the influence of hurt or unprocessed material from the mental processes, and attempting to pinpoint whether or not we are reasonable in our assumptions will not be easy. There is the chance we’ll delude ourselves, especially if our financial state or our relationship status benefits if we do so; instincts and/ or ‘blind spot’ materials may muddy the waters further, making us unsure of what’s smart and what isn’t. The answer comes in keeping our eye on the future. Where we’re headed, or should I say, where we want to be headed, is the most accurate marker guiding us at this point. Keep goals in mind and measure everything against that; ask yourself, will this get me closer to where I want to be? If not, put it aside for now. (Pallas qnx Sedna, Venus opp Neptune, Merc parallel Chiron and the NN)

By the 17th we find we must deal with neglected or denied material, and it ain’t easy. Our empowerment, however, depends on it, along with a requirement that we sort what’s wise from what we merely want. Face head-on whatever dark or dredged-from-the-depths issues arise, and use instincts to guide actions and choices in dealing with the social sphere, or in expanding your world. (Juno parallel and Merc conjunct Black Moon Lilith, Pallas contra-parallel Zeus, Mars conjunct Jupiter and parallel Sedna)

18 October and we experience a rush of creative energy–but it’s not meant to be channeled through the mind, and doing so will only make problems. This is a ‘zone out and tune in’ kind of day–enjoy it. (Merc qnx Neptune, Sun parallel Neptune and qnx Sedna)

Monday the 19th we are chiefly concerned with aligning highest values with what’s smart; secondary to this is how and where we will express these within the social scene. Expect the unexpected when evaluating what we consider wise; we may be a little too driven by instincts linked to material comforts, benefits, or results, and so may inadvertently skew our actions and choices toward physical interests, especially ones supported by the social sphere. To serve both goals and material interests adequately, let material matters and your surroundings ‘speak’ to you–what you learn by observing will tell you where you have been ‘investing’, and how you might like to alter that. (Uranus parallel Pallas, Mars parallel Jupiter, Venus parallel Sedna, Sun sextile Pallas and parallel Vesta/ Earth trine Pallas and contra-parallel Vesta)

20 October we may spend a good deal of time considering how our values and commitments in the past have formed where we are now, all in service to fine-tuning actions to support ambitions and to making the most of ideas, which are keyed to empower us, to handle what has been ignored, and so to eliminate ‘blind spots’ in our reasoning. This is a powerful force for realizing goals and setting us on our chosen Path; we can sense that the benefits that await us if we implement what we’re thinking are far greater than we may currently imagine. (Vesta conjunct the SN, Mars contra-parallel Zeus, Venus parallel Jupiter, Merc seq Sedna, parallel Juno and BML)

Have a great weekend! Feeling lonely? Have my voice in your head for hours–read one of my books! 🙂