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Concentrate, trace the waves of the past, see where they've pushed you to contact the material world, and you may see what's coming. 'Girl Seated by Shore' George Elgar Hicks 1877 {{PD}}

Concentrate, trace the waves of the past, see where they’ve pushed you to contact the material world, and you may see what’s coming. ‘Girl Seated by Shore’
George Elgar Hicks 1877 {{PD}}

Right now Vesta and the South Node are together at the Aries Point; that is, they’re conjoined at 00 Aries. This point is notable for a couple reasons: in time it marks the Spring equinox, when the Sun hits this point going from south to north crossing the equatorial plane, so we might think of this as a Node of the Sun-Earth path, a point of extremity; it also marks the point in the natal chart where spirit meets the material–or we can think of it as the point where who we are reaches out into the world and is received–and that means that those natal placements and points that contact the Aries Point will indicate those ways in which we will be noticed by others, at what vibrational frequency (related to the body contacted) we can make our mark, or may indicate for what we become known, whether that’s in a group of two or two billion.

The current combination focuses those still-living waves from the past (the South Node), both what we’ve built on and what resounds like an echo, informing our thoughts and actions as if the circumstances continue to exist, through the lens of highest values, those things to which we dedicate ourselves and our efforts, our sense of ‘home’, and our interactions with the mate (Vesta). Placed at the Aries Point, the implication is that something seminal may occur in terms of our values; something may begin, find its seed, start gestation of a proto-essence that doesn’t have a name yet. This should alert us to a new thing that will break the horizon in the future, a thing born of the past and our previous choices surrounding home, mate, and energy dedication. We can’t be more specific than that, yet, though we may want to look for the natal placements of Mars and/or Vesta, as well as the matters of the House ruled by Mars, and the current transit or progressed situations of these, for clues as to what might be, even now, setting out roots, developing, moving to emerge.

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