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Paul Gauguin 'Conversation Tropiques' 1886 {{PD}}

Paul Gauguin ‘Conversation Tropiques’ 1886 {{PD}}

Today we’ve got our illusions or our imagination trying to resolve disparities with those things we’d rather ignore or deny (Neptune qnx Black Moon Lilith), we’ve got the social sphere surreptitiously aligned with the individual, whether that person is rebellious, attempting to lead, to disrupt, or to innovate (Jupiter parallel Uranus), and communication is fraught, suffering between our inability to access instincts or to peek within our own ‘blind spot’, and each person’s particular delusions that underlie their ambitions (Mercury sesq Neptune, parallel Zeus, contra-parallel Sedna). It seems to me that the key phrase for today might be, ‘congenial exchange’; gather with others of similar vibe, talk about your own hopes and dreams and allow for a kind of mirror effect offered by others through their remarks and reflections of your own assertions. Concentrate on refining ‘the dream’, and especially in noting that the thing most preventing realization may be your own thinking.

In spite of all this, have a great day–it can be very pleasant if we allow ourselves to relax into that Taurus Moon–and support the blog, buy a book! A new piece, ‘The Venus Collection’, will be coming out soon; it’s a compilation of articles, essays, and commentary, much of it previously published (so long-term subscribers, you probably have already read a lot of this!) on the planet of Love, Money, Relationship, Values, and Pleasure–plenty to talk about!