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Albert-Edouard Chazalviel  Early 20th century {{PD}}

Albert-Edouard Chazalviel Early 20th century {{PD}}

What we think, and what messages come at us today are smart and practical; they vibe to our highest values and priorities, but they don’t support any kind of power gain or effective action. It’s an odd mix of being on the mental ‘right track’ but needing to be aware that today’s just not the day to take action, make choices, or be assertive, UNLESS it’s in matters of the natal Houses ruled by Venus in your chart, or in the House that holds today’s conjunction of Venus and Mars (in the last decan of Virgo)–but even then, be aware that this could bring conflict with those in charge (or those who think they should be) and negotiating may still be tough. But, with careful attention, Venus ruled areas in the personal chart are where deliberate action and choice can get us exactly what we want. (Chiron qnx Juno, Mars contra-parallel Juno, Venus conjunct Mars, Mercury sxt Pallas, sq Ceres, qnx SN, parallel Vesta)

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