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Udsigt over havet fra Taleren på Møns Klint, 1851 Peter Christian Skovgaard {{PD}}

Udsigt over havet fra Taleren på Møns Klint, 1851
Peter Christian Skovgaard {{PD}}

The 28th we may find our wisdom, our originality, and what we want (in the values sense) in a contest with our ‘blind spot’ material, our need for empowerment, and/ or our outright ambitions or lust! It may be a dizzying feeling, like walking along the edge of a cliff, with spontaneity that we judge risky beckoning at every step. What we need to understand is that, though our wants are inspired (or tainted) by dreams, fantasy, and ideals, they’re also aligned much more closely than we suspect with our ultimate ambitions and desires. That means we can trust those urges a little more than we might otherwise be inclined to. It doesn’t mean the impulse should necessarily be followed, but it should be inspected for what it says about our current aims and desire nature. Be yourself today (whatever that means to you) and some form and sense of empowerment will be the natural result (Pallas sesq Sedna, Uranus contraparallel and Sun novile Juno, Venus parallel Zeus, sesq Neptune, and semi-square Saturn)

By the 29th we’re taking a hard look at reality, and we may focus too keenly on what appears to be holding us back; our response may be impractical and too aggressive as a consequence. Where we really need to be looking is at the ways in which we are unthinkingly trashing our dreams, ignoring our instincts, and refusing to honor what we know to be wise. It’s not the circumstances of the reality picture that are the problem, it’s the way we insist on processing and responding to that reality. If we can look unflinchingly but calmly (that’s the key) at where and who we are, it’s easy to see what we can do to make desired progress, or deal with what’s stopping us (Mars square and contraparallel Pallas, and sesq Sedna, Venus contraparallel Sedna, Sun conjunct Saturn and square Neptune)

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