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Alexandre Cabanel - 'Echo' 1874 {{PD}}

Alexandre Cabanel – ‘Echo’ 1874 {{PD}}

That weird, echo-y feeling is nothing but the internal reverb between what we think we are and what we are in reality; today brings encounters, circumstances, and incidents that all point to this inevitable internal dissonance–and it’s up to us to ‘mind the gap’.  Our sense of woundedness is entangled with empowerment and status issues, and what draws our attention and takes center spot in our thoughts is part felt (through instinct) and part response (albeit unconscious) to those things we know but don’t–you know? The saving grace comes in the form of action and want, especially in relationship; a willingness to trust our impulses to do, to trust our choices, and to assert ourselves for what we desire will smooth out any internal discord and drown out a propensity to dwell on an ideal of perfection that we’ll never achieve, and which is a poor standard against which to rate our current, real-life effectiveness and elan (Chiron sesq Juno, Mars parallel Vesta, Merc sesq and Sun qnx Sedna).

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